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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Guide to Shaving Public Hair

Guide to Shaving Public Hair

Shaving has always been the most commonly used temporary hair removal methods. So this guide to shaving public hair is going to show you how to easily shave your hair while protecting your skin.

Because you don't know the correct way of shaving your hair, you can irritate your skin, get pimples, or even get ingrown hair which can be painful.

So it's important to discover the tips and techniques to help you enjoy your public hair shaving experience.

Here are some tips to shaving your public hair...

Tip #1: First Soak Your Public Area

Water makes your skin smoother and makes the shaving process easier.

Tips #2: Use Shaving Creams or Gels

If you try to use the razor by itself to remove your public hair, it will for sure irritate your skin. You may even end up cutting yourself.

So it is very important to use a good shaving cream to it makes the razor slide more easily.

Note: Do not use soap as it makes your skin dry and makes shaving harder.

Tips #3: Direction of Moving the Razor

The direction you hold the razor when you move it on your skin is also very important too.

Here is a secret insider tip:

If you have only a little thin hair in your public area, simply hold the razor and move it in the opposite direction that your hair has come out of the skin.

But if you have a lot of hair and they are think and dark, then you'll notice it hurts too much to move it the opposite direction. So simple when shaving, move the razor in the direction of the hair has grown.

This makes it much easier to remove your public hair by shaving.

You can also read this New guide on public hair shaving to find out more helpful tips and insider tricks to have a more easy and fun shaving experience!

Article Source:'s-health-articles/guide-to-shaving-public-hair-315714.html

About the Author:

About the Author:

Michelle Jones is a hair and skin beauty expert and is offering tons of FREE Public Hair Removal Tips for women and men to help you discover the easiest methods of removing public hair.

Check out the latest public hair removal methods and ideas to save time and have an enjoyable hair removal experience!

Free Breast Enhancement Pill Scams Abound

Free Breast Enhancement Pill Scams Abound

Author: Karin Manning

A number of websites on the internet offer free breast enhancement pills and pill trials. However, there are many reasons why they should be avoided. This article will explain all.

Taking breast enlargement pills is one option for women who wish to find a natural solution to their problem. These pills use herbal products which work by increasing the woman’s estrogen level. When the level of that hormone increases, the breast size also increases. Some of the herbs used in pills include guarana seeds, chinese red ginseng root, saw palmetto, wild yam extract, among others.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as free breast enhancement pills, either. Yes, there are manufactures who do, in fact, advertise their pills as being free. Chances are you have probably seen this type of infomercial, on late-night TV.

In order to entice thousands of new customers, these companies are more than willing to give away their product, many times only for the price of shipping and handling. Companies such as these spend millions of dollars, to advertise their product. Because of this it is fairly easy for them to produce slick, convincing, advertising for whatever venue they choose.

Realistically, there is nothing wrong with this practice. Problems arise because a very large percentage of these same individuals don't realize that by ordering the initial bottle of pills they are also signing up for auto shipment of the product, as well.

These companies are very much aware, of this fact. Sadly, it is a common marketing practice utilized by many companies who advertise via infomercials. They actually count on customers who do not, for one reason or another, cancel their shipments promptly.

Although it's not always the case, the level of customer service some of these companies provide is very limited. This makes it even harder for disgruntled customers to receive a refund, in regard to unwanted shipments.

Another reason why free breast pill trials should be avoided is the fact that there is always the chance that the testimonials given in regard to the trial could have easily been falsified. There is no 100% guarantee that these people even exist.

This isn't to say that every free trial is not on the up and up. There are legitimate companies that do have good intentions when offering something such as this. As an informed consumer, it is up to you to make the choice of whether or not a free breast pill trial is for you.

Article Source:'s-health-articles/free-breast-enhancement-pill-scams-abound-316178.html

About the Author:

For these reasons I would recommend that you avoid free breast pill trials or proceed with extreme caution. I would highly recommend that you take a moment to examine my breast pill review. I put the "best" natural breast enlargement products to the test and have just published my results. Check out the natural breast enhancement winners at my natural breast enlargement and enhancement website now at

A Wonderful Bedroom Life

A Wonderful Bedroom Life

Author: Peace Vikky

Many men have often wondered what it takes to satisfy women. Since in the fast world of men , instant gratification reigns supreme, most men tend to feel the same about women. Sporadic gifts, flowers, now and then and a quick "fix" once in a while they surmise will just do. For one, the male mental construct is totally different from the female's - What stimulates or gratifies a man doesn't necessarily have the same effect on females. With this in mind, it becomes necessary to understand the female psyche in order to ensure a balanced love life.

Survey upon survey seems to suggest that the most important concern for females is attention. One of the top most reasons why break ups are so widespread is a lack of attention, second only to money. No where in nature is the irony so prominent as in the female psyche. They crave attention so deeply while at once denying it with their conduct. If any man would permanently win over any woman.The first law is care deeply for her needs. These needs vary depending on the women. While some prefer flowers and expensive gifts, A lot of women seem to be just content if their partners spend time with them even if what they discuss is seemingly unimportant. In the bedroom their desire for attention is manifested by their fondness for extended foreplay. Many females have been known to break off relationships they perceive as purely sexual and not affectionate enough. For a lot of women, foreplay is more important than the actual intercourse. This is the number one reason why many folks end up with little or no sex life in their 50's. Over the years, the men tend to get involved with more golf, join more clubs and support groups and generally come home exhausted.The women on their part usually do less and less. As they grow older and nature takes its toll on their bodies, they rely more on their husbands for attention and understanding, and when an already exhausted man walks into the bedroom looking for a quick fix, the stage is set for an imminent break up. The rule is that never let your foreplay leave much to be desired, your relationship could just be heading for the rocks.

Sex counts, it does. Statistics suggest that more than 70% of women having sex regularly do not experience orgasm. It should be understood that the responsibility for orgasom on the part of the woman lies with both partners and sometimes solely with men. Many doctors have been surprised when interviewing couples having marital problems do discover that the cause was purely sexual. They were even more shocked to discover that qute a lot of the bedroom problems were caused by men's sexual health. Most men routinely suffer from most forms of P.E, E.D and a host of other sexual ills ranging from outright inexperience to full blown E.D. In this respect, it is suggested that men hold regular discussions about their partners on this very sensitive issue.

All in all a wonderful bedroom life is possible. With attention, honesty and love your relationship will steer clear of the rocks.

Article Source:'s-health-articles/a-wonderful-bedroom-life-315340.html

About the Author:

vikky peace is from a family of male sexual health sufferers. He shares his extensive knowledge on sexual health issues on his blog,
having suffered from erectile dysfunction and periodic bouts of premature ejaculation, he finds solace in sharing helpful information with patients of these ailments.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Senaman Harimau Untuk Lelaki

Senaman Harimau Untuk Lelaki

Dating Perempuan Melayu


Satu kajian telah mendapati senaman otot pelvik dapat membantu lelaki yang menghadapi masalah mati pucuk. Senaman ini juga diketahui mampu membantu mereka yang menghadapi masalah cepat diranjang kerana tidak dapat menahan mani.

Senaman ini dilakukan umpama anda menahan kentut. Otot yang terasa adalah pada bahagian pelvik berhampiran dengan dubur. Sewaktu melakukan seperti menahan kentut pastikan tidak mengerakkan bahagian otot lain seperti otot perut dan otot peha.

Cara senaman adalah dengan tahan selama tiga saat dan lepas. Lakukan sebanyak sepuluh ke lima belas kali.

Senaman perlu dilakukan pada waktu pagi, tengah hari dan malam. Contohnya waktu pagi senaman ini dengan cara baring selepas bangun tidur. Waktu tengah hari lakukan senaman ini dengan cara duduk dam waktu malam lakukan dengan cara berdiri.

Senaman ini perlu dilakukan dengan tetap dan berterusan. Kesannya hanya akan dirasa 3 ke 4 minggu senaman dilakukan dengan tetap dan berterusan dan teruskan senaman tanpa berhenti.

Satu lagi petua dari buku permata yang hilang. Setiap kali bangun pagi. Apabila buang air kencing. Cuba keluarkan sedikit dan kemudian tahan untuk sepuluh saat. Bagi yang baru mula lakukan ia mungkin menimbulkan kesakitan namun lama kelamaan ia akan hilang.

Lakukan sehingga boleh menahan 10 saat tanpa rasa sakit dan anda mungkin mengambil masa berminggu untuk mencapai tahap tersebut.

Kebanyakan lelaki akan mendapat faedah daripada senaman ini.
Senaman Untuk Lelaki
Senaman ini bukan sekadar bertujuan untuk melambat pancutan air mani, malah bagi yang menghadapi masalah mati pucuk atau cepat.

Senaman ini dilakukan dengan cara mengemutkan otot pelvik. Untuk mengetahui di mana otot pelvik,dengan berbaring, cuba lakukan perbuatan menahan kentut. Rasa kemutan sepatutnya lebih terasa di bahagian dubur. Elakkan daripada menggerakkan otot perut, kaki dan punggung. Tumpuan otot pada bahagian pelvik.

Apabila mengetahui di mana otot pelvik berada, masa untuk melakukan senaman ini pula. Ia dilakukan dengan menahan, kira satu saat, dua saat dan tiga saat dan kemudian lepaskan. Ia perlu diselang selikan dengan menahan kiraan yang lebih lama. Sebagai contoh menahan dengan kiraan satu hingga lima saat. Selang selikan kiraan pendek dan kiraan panjang. Buatlah latihan sehingga mampu menahan pendek 5 saat dan menahan panjang 10 saat.

Senaman tahan dan lepas serta pendek dan panjang dilakukan 30 hingga 40 sehari. Bahagikan kepada 3 masa latihan dan setiap satu 10 ke 15 kali tahan dan lepas serta pendek dan panjang. Senaman ini boleh dilakukan pada waktu pagi, tengahari atau malam. Setiap satu dengan cara duduk, berdiri atau baring. Jika baru mula senaman ini, lakukan dahulu dengan cara baring. Setelah agak mahir barulah dengan posisi yang lain mengikut keselesaan.

'Just relax your abdominal muscles, breathe slowly, and stay conscious.'

Lain-lain menarik

Safe Surf

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mutiara Taman Wangi

Mutiara Taman Wangi

Buku Mutiara Taman Wangi hasil karya Ibnu Yusof adalah antara buku ilmu rumah tangga dalam bahasa melayu yang sering dicari oleh mereka yang bakal mendirikan rumah tangga.

Seni Nafkah batin sebagaimana Al Fadhil Ahmad bin Sulaiman, Kamal Basya, Syeikh Nefawi, Al Ghazali dan lain-lainnya dibincangkan dalam buku ini.

Perbanding Ilmu jima' berbagai bangsa termasuk Melayu, Cina, India, Arab dan Barat turut disertakan.

Blog Taman Wangi merupakan hasil usaha untuk kembangkan ilmu rumah tangga dalam bentuk sihat dan bersesuaian dengan budaya di Malaysia.

Taman Wangi Archive

Safer Sex

Safer Sex

Sex between two people who are, and have been, faithful to one another should be perfectly safe.

However, there are many diseases which are spread by sexual contact, amongst the most alarming of which is the HIV virus which can lead to the usually fatal condition, AIDS.

Whilst the condom, properly put on and removed, provides a high degree of protection, it makes sense, if you have any worries at all, to seek professional help. It is everyone's duty to take care of their own sexual health and safeguard that of their partner.

Remember - the fewer partners you have, the less the risk of exposing yourself to disease.

The latex condom if used properly, it will help to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV infection and many other sexually transmitted diseases. Also high effective against pregnancy.

Malaysian AIDS Council

Monday, January 21, 2008

Melayu Bogel

Welcome to monitoring page for Melayu bogel. This page is dedicated to internet visitor that search for melayu bogel, one of the popular keywords and search term in Malaysia and the Internet, search until now by Malaysian computer and Internet users. Information about melayu bogel will be compile here for historical reason. Why don't you try visiting Perempuan Melayu Info or used our forum Forum Wanita dan Perempuan. Find your date at Wanita Dating Zone.

Please be inform this page is build out of our interest to know many search that is made for this two words. Melayu bogel is still used and been search. For the non Malay speaking Internet users Melayu mean Malay in English. It's an large ethnic group to group more smaller ethnic group for example Jawa, orang asli, Banjar and others.

Bogel in English mean naked. You can look at Babyrina Page for the meaning of bogel why it is so much been search. It's such a taboo in Malay or Melayu comunity that to make a seach for Melayu Bogel need to be done in privacy matter.

List Of Monitoring page can be view here and here

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Payudara (Payu Dara)

Payu Dara Atau Buah Dada

Payu Dara (Buah Dada)

Original Website Changjaya Abadi Deleted. Extract from archive. Sin She Chang 2001. Disesuaikan untuk bacaan dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

Setiap wanita pasti inginkan bentuk payudara atau buah dada yang cantik, montok dan ideal, sebabnya buah dada dan payudara merupakan pelengkap kecantikan bagi seseorang perempuan. Mungkin saja kita sudah sering mendengar, bahawa hanya untuk cantikkan bentuk buah dada atau payudara sahaja sehingga ke luar negeri. Sedangkan sekiranya ia dilakukan rawatan awal lagi teratur bentuk buah dada tidak akan cepat mengendor.

Kebanyakan kaum wanita yang sudah beberapa kali melahirkan anak, malah yang baru saja bersalin, risau dengan buah dadanya. Wanita mengandai dengan menyusukan bayi mereka, bentuk payudara akan menjadi cepat kendor. Kerisauan seperti ini sepatutnya tidak perlu apabila kaum ibu mengetahui bagaimana caranya merawat bauh dada seawal mungkin dengan baik dan teratur.

Yang perlu diperhatikan pertama sekali, pada masa membersihkan puting susu dengan air hangat. Ini dimaksudkan untuk membersihkan lemak yang menyumbat di saluran air susu. Inilah adalah kerana lemak itu boleh menyumbat lubang keluar susu dan ia dapat menimbulkan rasa sakit akibat bengkak. Apabila buah dada mengalami pembengkakan jangan dipaksakan dengan memicit, karena ia boleh menyebabkan jaringan pembuluh darah rosak dan bentuk payudara akan menjadi kendor. Sebaiknya tuamkan dengan kain halus yang direndam dengan air hangat dan minyak zaitun secara berganti-ganti, pasti buah dada atau payudara dapat kembali kepada bentuk normal.

Jangan Lupa Memakai coli yang bersesuaian dengan perempuan menyusu. Coli dikatakan sebagai saudara kandung payudara, karena dapat melindungi payudara, dengan coli ia juga dapat menampung agar bentuk buah dada atau payudara tetap indah dan cantik. Coli yang baik adalah yang tidak terlalu menarik ke atas payudara atau tidak terlalu kekecil, namun begitu harus tetap kuat menyangga buah dada, payudara hanyalah terdiri dari gumpalan daging dan lemak, tanpa tulang menyokongnya.

Untuk pengetahuan gadis remaja jangan melepaskan coli meskipun keadaan itu sedang menjadi ikutan sekarang. Ingatlah tanpa sokongan coli bentuk payudara itu sendiri lama kelamaan boleh berubah bentuknya.

Menyusu badan adalah salah satu tugas ibu, sama tanggung jawab seperti memberi makan dan pendidikan pada anak-anak. Air susu ibu itu sendiri merupakan makanan yang paling baik dan bebas dari kuman. Apabila menyusu bayi, apa yang perlu diperhatikan adalah sikap atau posisinya, jangan berbaring ke kanan atau ke kiri, sebab ini akan mempengaruhi bentuk payudara. Menyusui bayi sambil berbaring biasanya dilakukan oleh ibu yang mengantuk, sedang ia membahayakan bayi jika kepalanya tertindih dengan buah dada. Sikap yang ideal adalah sambil duduk tegak, punggung bayi bisa ditampung dengan bantal supaya ibu tidak perlu membongkok. Disamping itu ia dapat mengelakkan kepenatan, juga untuk mencegah agar payu dara itu tidak terlalu tertarik kebawah sehingga payu dara tidak mengelebeh.

Penggunaan masker payudara tentu saja boleh digunakan bila sudah tidak menyusu lagi. Masker ini gunanya untuk mengembalikan bentuk payudara kembali semula, masker payudara ini boleh dibuat sendiri dengan bahan-bahan yang mudah didapati. Iaitu dengan 10 helai daun anjuang dan 3 biji pinang. Kedua bahan ini dicuci bersih lalu ditumbuk sampai halus. Apabila masker ini telah siap, sapukan keseluruhan payudara, kecuali putingnya. Lakukan perkara ini seminggu sekali menjelang tidur atau sewaktu lapang, hingga bentuk buah dada atau payudara tegang.

Salah satu perawatan payudara atau buah dada yang mudah dan murah adalah dengan melakukan senaman ringan setiap pagi atau petang, bertujuan untuk menguatkan otot-otot dada.

Lain yang menarik

Membelai Buah Dada Wanita

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Espire Inspiral Condom New Revolutionary Spiral Technology

Espire Inspiral Condom New Revolutionary Spiral Technology

Dating Perempuan Wanita Melayu

From the Espire Inspiral Condom Box

The innovative sea shell shaped condom moves in a patented 'spiral action' to intensify pleasure for you and your partner.

Why is Espire's Inspiral the most innovative condom ever?

The beautiful, bold seashell-like curves of Espire's Inspiral move in a patented "Spiral-action". This highly acclaimed advancement creates twisting spirals

for the ultimate pleasure.

Congratulations! You have chosen a products that is designed to give more pleasure to you and your parther because of it innovative design. Espire's Inspiral

condoms promise you protection and assure enhanced stimulation for both partners.

Malaysian get it at Guardian.

Latex condom will help to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV infection and many other sexually transmitted diseases.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Practical Guide To Blowjobbing

Part 1

Oral sex is great – probably the greatest sex ever. Any sex partner of a male person (or a person equipped with a fully functional male organ) that do not lay their mouths on the partner's tool, must accept the fact that they have an unsatisfied partner. A lot of selfish lovers fear that having given their male partner an orgasm orally (which by default will be a massive orgasm) the partner will not have the energy /will to continue the love making session. I cannot speak for all males on this dirty and dying planet, but this I know: After a great oral orgasm, I have the patience to stimulate my (female) partner orally through multiple-multiple orgasms. What is more, orally stimulating her never fails to excite me into a full erection, which ultimately leads to (more)-conventional penetrative sex.

Not only penetrative sex, but longggg lasting penetrative sex. So long lasting that my partner of a couple of years started suggesting that we invite a second female to such sessions (to take some heat off her). Now the objective here is not to boast about my powers, but to get down to the how-to of blowjobs - so I will get on with it. I have never, and do not intend to ever be, a giver of blowjobs (sorry guys), but have been on the receiving end of Bj's conducted by both experienced and novice lovers – so I thought of sharing some of my likes and don't likes with the broader public. My sharing is primarily intended to give the novice wives/lovers out there some pointers so they can satisfy their men with confidence. Some basic rules (mine anyway):

  • I don't particularly like running my tongue up and down a smelly salty slit, so I don't expect my partner to put a cock with a days (or more) growth of bacteria and other accumulations in her mouth. Cleanliness (of both parties) is the key to uninhibited enjoyment. Tip to all cock wearers – apply a drop of aftershave to your hands, and give your inner thigh, pubic hair, the underside of your sac and the anus region a slight aftershave odour. It usually encourages the timid blow-jobber and makes them bolder (to your advantage this is). Second tip, if the aftershave burn the hell out of your sac and anus, pay attention to my writings – I said a drop, not the whole dam bottle!

  • For your partner to get into this Bj thing you mist communicate constructively (for the Americans – this means tell them they suck at sucking by making them feel good about themselves). Give hints and suggestions, motivate them… and for pete's sake remember you want them to satisfy you for ever and a day (not just for that moment), so don't force anything and don't let your frustration show. So boys, coming on their faces or in their mouths is out – until they decide they want it (if there are any women out there that think getting a wad of sperm on your face is part of a normal, balanced relationship – boy have I got news for you… or better… get in touch with me I know people with dog-leashes and whips that will pay me to introduce you to them) This is getting too much for one submission. I will break this into parts.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sex Talk

Love is many splendored thing. But one thing thats no so splendid is when your lovemaking begins to feel routine. Sure, you both feel comfortable and satisfied but a little spice couldnt hurt.

If You`re Too Busy For Romance

Create a relaxing post-work ritual. Pour a drink, light some candles, put on your favorite CD or take a bath together to wash away the day.

Help each other out. If you`re into it and your partner not give full massage. If you`re the one who`s not feeling groovy, do a little self pampering - take a bubble bath and slip a silk robe.

Clean your bedroom. You`re not gonna get in the mood in the middle of a mess. Tuck the TV away in a cabinet and change your sheets once a week.

If You`re Stuck In The Same Old Missionary Position

Take your partner to the library. Your partner may be hesitant at first but when he / she sees what kind of research you`re doing so your partnet will warm up to the idea. It will be fun and sexy.

Buy some new toy. The fact is traditional sex doesnt always offer the stimulation you need ti have orgasm. Add jelly penis ring or vibrator and you just might feel something more.

If You`re Lacking In The Foreplay Area

Talk about it. Admitting that you need some additional clitoral stimulation is not saying that he`s not good at what he does. Its just natural because most women need a little mor oomph to orgasm.

Give him a pat on the back. When he does something right, tell him so. If he cant tell you`re enjoying it,he`s going to feel good about himself.

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