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Friday, February 29, 2008

Tantric Breathing - Breathe Your Way to Better Sex Performance

Tantric Breathing - Breathe Your Way to Better Sex Performance

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Author: Gabrielle Moore

Everyday you hear or read that you're not breathing properly. Your breathing is too shallow. This is why you often feel that your energy is being zapped from your body. If you're not taking in enough energy, how can you be expected to exert it?

When it comes to Tantric lovemaking, proper breathing is very important. It helps you last longer and perform better. That got your interest didn't it? Well read on then and find out how you can master the art of Tantric breathing.

Hot Tantric Breathing Tips!

Step 1: Focus, focus, focus.
When you're having sex, you're obviously focused on one thing: reaching an orgasm. However, you're focusing on the wrong thing. By concentrating on the destination, you fail to enjoy the journey. Actually, you shouldn't feel bad about this. Modern media and society has brainwashed us to focus on 'achieving goals', 'instant gratification', and 'the sooner the better'.

Tantric sex teachings do not focus on the end result. It simply focuses on the NOW so while making love, focus on your breathing. Be mindful of each inhale and exhale.

Hot breathing tip: With each inhale, imagine the sexual energy you are drinking from her; with each exhale, imagine the sexual energy you're emitting to her.

Step 2: Go slow.
The faster you breather, the quicker you reach orgasm. It's like subconsciously and physically pushing yourself to reach release. But what about your partner? Enough studies show that it takes women far longer to reach their orgasms. What are you going to do then after you reach yours?

Tantric breathing is all about long, deep, and slow breaths. Keep the breathing slow and you'll enjoy sex for hours at a time.

Step 3: Exchange 'energies' with your partner.
We are programmed to be competitive to the point that we all want to reach the finish line first. Consider this all too common scenario: two treadmills are side by side at the gym and two guys go on each one of them. One guy starts to run fast and before you know it, the other guy tends to do the same time. An even though these men don't know each other, it seems that it's just not 'macho' if you let the other guy outrun you!
Well the same is true during sex, albeit subconsciously. If you're both inhaling and exhaling at the same time, you guys are subconsciously trying to goad each other to reach your destinations (orgasms) faster. So what do you do? Practice exchanging sexual energy.

To do this, breathe in as your partner breathes out, and vice versa. Try to keep close to each other as you do this, letting your breaths intermingle. This does not only provide an aura of 'support' (rather than competition), but also makes for a deeper connection while performing the sexual act.

Step 4: Use your breath to stop climaxing.
You may be thinking why you would want to delay an orgasm. As mentioned above, one reason would be to enable your female partner to 'catch up with you' when it comes to climaxing. Other reasons and less thought of ones, are these: (1) if you delay cumming now, imagine how much more powerfully your climax will be later, and (2) if you cum now, then that's it; love making is over. Why don't you want to prolong all these wonderful feelings -physical and emotional - you are experiencing now with your lover?

So the next time, you feel the stirrings of an orgasm, rest your movements a little bit and focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths to calm your body while not exactly bringing it down to 'zero pleasure'.

Tantric breathing exercise to delay an oncoming orgasm:
As your excitement reaches almost the unbearable level, breathe heavily and deeply through your mouth. Push or puff air out of your mouth while at the same time contracting your stomach muscles. This Tantric breathing technique modifies the blood energy in your body and will prevent ejaculation because it lessens the blood supply to your penis.

Step 5: Breathe together to 'cum' together.
After hours of tantric lovemaking, you may indeed find yourselves reaching an orgasm and this time, you don't want to stop it. For a more intense climax, however, do goad yourselves physically and subconsciously by breathing together, inhaling and exhaling at exactly the same time.

Start practicing the above Tantric breathing techniques and you'll soon find that making love is better because you guys can last longer in bed.

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About the Author:
Gabrielle Moore is the co-author of The ">G Spot Code. It teaches men how to please women with G Spot orgasms every time. For more information, go to:

Posisi Tungguan Rindu

Posisi Tungguan Rindu


Isteri terbaring terlentang dengan sebelah kakinya dilunjurkan sementara sebelah lagi dilipatkan dengan hujung kaki itu berada di atas pahanya. Ini adalah posisi yang juga boleh mendatangkan nikmat yang luar biasa kepada isteri.

Senduduk Putih

Posisi ini amat baik untuk dicuba. Isteri berbaring dengan kedua pahanya dibuka luas dan kakinya dilipatkan ke bawah punggungnya. Dengan posisi ini lubang faraj akan terbuka luas dan suami akan dapat menusuk makam bawah dengan jayanya. Posisi ini mungkin dapat memberikan nikmat yang hebat kepada isteri kerana ransangan terhadap kelentik adalah berkesan.


Ini posisi yang menolong mencapai Makam Atas. Caranya isteri berbaring dengan kedua kakinya dibuka dengan lebar dan dibawa ke arah mukanya. Suami boleh menjima' dari posisi seperti meniarap. Dengan cara ini zakar boleh masuk hingga habis. Dengan sedikit variasi, Makam Tengah juga boleh dicapai.


Posisi ini adalah posisi yang dapat mendatangkan nikmat yang tiada terhingga kepada isteri. Caranya isteri berbaring terlentang dengan kedua-dua kakinya diangkatkan tinggi ke arah dadanya dan kedua tapak kakinya bertemu. Ini membolehkan rongga faraj terbuka luas dan menjadi bengkok, menjadikannya untuk menerima rangsangan yang kuat dari tusukan zakar. Suami boleh menjima' isteri dengan posisi mencangkung. Bagi membantu isteri agar jangan kepenatan, suami boleh memegang kedua kaki isterinya itu. Iaitu di bahagian jari-jari kaki dengan isterinya itu, iaitu di bahagian jari-jari kaki dengan tangan suami.

Bunga Serunai

Posisi ini menolong untuk mencapai Makan Tengah. Caranya ialah isteri berbaring dengan kedua kakinya dijulangkan tinggi dan suami boleh samada memegang dipergelangan buku lali kakinyan atau kedua-kedua betisnya diletakan di atas bahu kiri dan kanan suami. Suami menjima dari keadaan duduk mencangkung, ini dapat mengelakan suami dari mudah merasa penat ketika berdayung kerana pergerakan dayungan dilakukan oleh peha-peha suani dan bukan pinggang suami.

Bunga Melor

Isteri berbaring dengan kedua-dua kakinya dijulang tetapi dilipatkan seolah-olah dia sedang duduk bersila. Dengan cara ini daging-daging kelentik kiri dangan kanannya akan dapat merasa batang zakar suami dengan baikdan dapat memberikan nikmat yang hebat. Semasa menjayakan posisi ini seboleh-bolehnya jangan isteri menekankan kedua-dua kaki yang dilipatkan itu ke dada suami, tetapi menghampirkannya kedada isteri. Bagi mengelakkan isteri dari terasa kepenatan mengangkat kaki, suami boleh memegang kedua kaki tersebut di bahagian pahanya.

Bunga Raya

Isteri terbaring dengan satu kakinya dijulangkan ke atas sementara satu kakinya dilipatkan ke bawah punggungnya. Dengan cara ini suami dapat mencapai Makam Kiri atau Kanan isteri dengan baik sekali. Posisi ini amat memberahikan isteri. Ada baiknya jika suami memegang kaki isteri yang dijulangkan itu bagi mengelakkan isteri dari terasa kepenatan. Satu lagi cara yang elok dicuba ialah jika isteri menjulangkan kaki kanan, suami menusuk zakarnya ke arah kanan dengan memeluk kaki isteri yang dijulangkan itu. Ia dapat memberikan kenikmatan yang hebat kepada isteri.

Bunga Pekan

Isteri berbaring terlentang dengan satu dari kakinya dilipatkan ke punggungnya sementara kaki yang satu lagi dilunjurkan. Posisi ini dapat menolong suami menusukkan zakarnya ke Makam Kiri dan Makam Kanan dengan mudah dan akan digemari oleh isteri.

Senduduk Merah

Isteri berbaring terlentang dalam keadaan kedua-dua tapak kaki isteri ditemukan. Cara ini akan membuka rongga rahim dan faraj isteri dengan lebih luas lagi. Posisi ini menolong urat-urat yang masih tidak dapat merasaikan tusukan zakar agar dapat merasainya dan isteri akan merasakan kenikmatan yang berbeza. Suami pun dapat berdayung dengan bebas dengan posisi ini.

Bunga Cina

Isteri berbaring terlentang, sebelah dari kakinya dilunjurkan sementara sebelah lagi ditegakkan sambil dilipat. Suami boleh menjima' dengan menusuk ke arah kiri atau kanan mengikut letak kaki isteri. Posisi ini akan digemari oleh kerana kelaziman yang dapat dirasakan olehnya.

Ayam Didik

Isteri berada di atas suami dengan berkeadaan duduk dan kedua-dua pahanya dibuka. Posisi ini memerlukan isteri untuk aktif dalam mendayung. Suami berada di bawah isteri dengan berbaring terlentang. Posisi ini menolong untuk memasukkan zakar hingga habis ke dalam faraj isteri.

Ular Menjalar

Isteri berada di atas suami, satu kaki isteri dilunjurkan sementara yang satu lagi dibengkokkan. Posisi ini menolong suami untuk menusuk ke Makam Kiri atau Kanan bergantung kepada kaki mana yang dibengkokkan oleh isteri. Dalam posisi ini isteri akan berdayung. Suami boleh juga berdayung tetapi hanya membantu isteri dengan melakukan dayungan yang bergilir atau dayungan yang serentak. Ini dapat menambahkan kenikmatan kepada isteri.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aphrodisiacs - Trick or Treat for your Libido

Aphrodisiacs - Trick or Treat for your Libido

Tongkat Ali Maca Plus

Author: Lena Laursen

There are so many article and contradictive information regarding sex aphrodisiacs that it is almost impossible to tell the truth from fallacy. People continue experimenting with different substances trying to improve their sexual life.

As you might know, aphrodisiacs are substances which can enhance your libido. Therefore we shall not consider Viagra and the like means against impotence to be aphrodisiacs, because they imply physiologic interference aimed to fulfill the already existing sexual desire .

For centuries people have been trying and testing various kinds of food, drinks and chemical elements hoping to discover the magic element for libido enhancement.

Some of the ancient aphrodisiac explorers found the similarities of particular plant shape with human genitalia, considering them to have the effect on libido due to their shape likeness. For example the root of parsley was told to have amazing effect.

Others believed that the results can only be achieved by eating genitalia of certain animals. For instance, bull's testicles, which still can be found on the menus of some restaurants in Latin America. Sometimes completely absurd ideas about aphrodisiacs were popular, like the powder of the rhinocerose's horn. Horns in general were used for this purpose, not only those of rhinoceroses but also deer's bull's, etc.

However, this doesn't prove that real aphrodisiacs don't exist at all. In fact, they are easy to find. But the side effects of them are sometimes too unpleasant to use them.

A research held by American food committee proved that all substances acknowledge as aphrodisiacs have one or more side effects. And some of then were claimed to be dangerous.

Thus one of the most popular aphrodisiac called Spanish fly or Lytta vesicatoria contain dangerous element cantaridin, which blocks blood vessels in genitalia's area. Eventually, that results in hard erection for men and pleasant feeling on sexual excitement in female genitalia, but the excessive usage of this aphrodisiac can lead to dangerous diseases like permanent erection (priapism) and swelling of female genitalia. Both are very painful experiences.

Therefore when buying another magic potion , carefully read the ingredients it contains and make sure they won’t cause any side effects.

Some people use alcohol and other drugs (cannabis, amphetamines, etc) as aphrodisiacs. Certainly, when the control centers of her brain are switched off, a woman can turn into a wild animal lusting for sex only. However, these experiments are no less than a sexual abuse and any forcing or tricking into drinking of such 'aphrodisiacs' is recognized by law as a rape .

By the way, the pioneer of practicing drugs as aphrodisiacs was the notorious marquise De Sade. He began his 'career' of a sex pervert by adding some of the above mentioned 'aphrodisiacs' in food, usually at a ball or other social gathering. After this spiced with aphrodisiacs meal, he enjoyed watching the orgies, provoked by the effect of aphrodisiacs . That was his way to get inspired for his writing.

You don't have to necessarily search for exotic animals' genitalia or weird flies in order to enhance your libido . Keep in mind that the majority of our erogenous zones are in the brain. A romantic dinner with champaign and strawberry can also be a great aphrodisiac . Especially if you manage to create the area of intimacy. Consider that the combination of strawberry and champain stimulate the genesis of female hormones. But alcohol has nothing to do with that effect. The effect is provoked by the fruit sugar and carbonic acid.

And don't forget about pheromones and stimulating scents.

Experiment with tastes and scents to find your personal aphrodisiac.

For more information about sexuality and sex, sex toys and accessories for exciting sexual experiments visit . We answer your questions at Adult toys forum

About the Author:
For more information about sexuality and sex, sex toys and accessories for exciting sexual experiments visit . We answer your questions at Adult toys forum

Rahsia Seks Negeri Tiongkok Kuno

Rahsia Seks Negeri Tiongkok Kuno

Original Website Changjaya Abadi Deleted. Extract from archive. Sin She Chang 2001
Disesuaikan dengan bahasa Melayu


Rahsia Seks Negeri Tiongkok Kuno

Lagi artikel

Di negeri Tiongkok pada masa kerajaan kuno telah popular sebuah kitab seni seks bernama "Su Ni Jing" (The Classics of Elemental Maid) yang memuat seni bercinta ala Tiongkok kuno.

Buku tersebut ditulis pada abad pertama masehi, jauh lebih awal dari kitab-kitab purba seni seks lain seperti Kama Sutra dan Rati Rahasya dari India. Kama sutra ditulis antara abab ke 3-4 Masehi, sementara kitab Rati Rahasya ditulis tujuh abad kemudian. Primbon seks yang lain berasal dari Arab seperti The Perfumed Garden of the Shaykh Nefzawi baru ditulis swkitar abad 14-15 Masehi. hampir bersamaan dengan penulis Ananga Ranga (Hindu Art of Love) yang ditulis antara abad ke 15 Masehi.Jadi, jika melihat tarikh ditulis kitab seni bercinta, bangsa China dikatakan lebih mendahului dan berpengalaman dalam menghiasi tempat tidurnya dengan bermacam-macam romantika yang penuh dengan tata krama dan tata tertib yang khas.

Teori seksual Taoistme China merupakan asal seni bercinta ala India ketika ia diperkenalkan pada akhir abad ke 7 Masehi melalui seorang pemimpin spiritual aliran Vajrayana yang berkunjung ke China. Masyarakat China pula yang pertama kali menyusun sistematisasi spektrum posisi perhubungan seks yang bersifat terapetik untuk tujuan kesihatan, melahirkan ramai anak, dan memperoleh kenikmatan batin.

Selain mengembangkan jurus-jurus kungfu yang mematikan, bangsa Tiongkok juga menciptakan jurus-jurus ranjang yang melenakan, misalnya jurus "Harimau Putih Melangkah" ,"Helang terbang naik turun" dan ratusan jurus bercinta yang sudah dikembangkan dan diuji, bersamaan dengan pengembangan resepi-resepi rahsia, teknik memanjang masa orgasme, variasi posisi menyerang dan menerima.

Selama dua ribu tahun mereka telah menciptakan berbagai alat bantu seksual. Mulai dari ranjang dengan borgol, vibrator, hingga tempat tidur yang boleh bergoyang-goyang sendiri. Termasuk ribuan jamu kuat, dan teknik pernafasan, yang mampu membantu meningkat stamina dan memanjang masa berhubungan seks.

Selain itu ada teknik-teknik tertentu yang boleh menyelamatkan maruh lelaki yang memiliki ukuran batang zakar pendek dan kecil hingga menjadi lebih "Besar". Teknik lain yang tidak kuraung mujarabnya, mampu mengerutkan vagina atau faraj sedemikian rupa hingga kembali seperti perawan.

Ikuti lanjutnya di

Dating Perempuan Melayu

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where Is The Female G-spot

Where Is The Female G-spot

Author: Mark Mackay

So where is the G-spot. Well finding this area is not an exact science.

The G-spot is located about 1.5 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the upper wall. When aroused it's about the size of a walnut, usually a bit longer than it is wide. The position of it makes it impossible for most women to get a finger to it, but a partner should be able to feel it by inserting one or two fingers into the vagina after she is aroused.

The palm of the hand should be up if the woman is on her back, and down if she is on her front; initially finding the spot may be easier if the woman lies on her front. The partner should be able to feel the G-spot with their fingers as a small lump in the vaginal wall. The area will feel somewhat bumpy and not as smooth as other areas of the vaginal wall.

The G-spot is a mass of glandular tissue, known as the paraurethral glands, and nerves. The area lies between the urethra and the vagina, and is not actually a part of the vagina. Normally it's unnoticeable, but as a woman becomes aroused the area swells, making it possible to feel it through the vaginal wall.

Once the spot has been located, it can be stimulate by moving your fingers in very small circles, or by doing a "come hither" motion with your fingers. Initial stimulation of the G-spot often causes the woman to experience a sudden and strong feeling of needing to urinate; this feeling soon passes, and may be replaced by pleasant and arousing feelings.

While all women seem to be able to feel stimulation of the area, their response to it varies. Some women can orgasm from stimulation alone, others can't. Some women have strong orgasms from a combination of G-spot and clitoral stimulation, and some women have powerful orgasms when having intercourse in positions which stimulate the area. Other women don't find the stimulation particularly enjoyable.

The most popular sex positions for stimulating the area are the Women-on-top position which allows the women to align herself for maximum pressure on the G-spot. The Doggie-Style position also allows for a wide range of positions to reach the desired alignment.

About the Author:
Mark MacKay is a freelance sex columnist. He is also the creator of the Female G Spot , a web site setup to help people find useful and accurate information on the G-spot.

G Spot Perempuan Untuk Kepuasan Seks Dirinya

G Spot Perempuan Untuk Kepuasan Seks Dirinya

Terdapat pelbagai artikel-artikel yang menarik berkenaan dengan G-Spot perempuan yang sepatutnya dibaca golongan lelaki. Pengetahuan ini perlu dalam mencapai kenikmatan dalam seks bukan setakat untuk lelaki malah untuk wanita. 90 peratus lelaki yang ditemu ramah boleh mencapai kenikmatan pancutan air mani. Manakala wanita sekitar 10 peratus sahaja mampu mencapai orgasm setiap masa.

Pengetahuan tentang G-spot dapat membantu lelaki memuaskan pasangan wanitanya.

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Sex Positions To Reach G spot

Adakah G Spot Wujud Untuk Kenikmatan Wanita

Female Orgasm And Better Sex

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Female GSport Can Be Detected

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Desi Masala Videos Clips Mallu Masa

Desi Masala Videos Clips Mallu Masa

We can learn how to seduce a woman by viewing Desimasala or Mallu Masa movies clips. Desi Masala or Mallumasa clips are now popular search by people that visit Taman Wangi Blog. By searching Desi Masala and Mallu Masa in this we can learn a lot how people search in the Internet specialy related to sex and foreplay.

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Gambar Cewek Bugil

Gambar Cewek Bugil

Welcome to abang telanjang or bugil monitoring page at taman wangi blog. This gambar cewek bugil blog is Taman Wangi research on gambar cewek bugil keywords.

Perempuan Melayu and wanita blog would like to introduced you to gambar cewek bugil alternative for anyone that search for cewek. Visit

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Does Man Sucking Woman Breast Will Produce Oxytocin Hormon?

Does Man Sucking Woman Breast Will Produce Oxytocin Hormon?

I'm just thinking. If a man is sucking a woman breast, while she is not pregnant will that sucking and kissing of the woman breast will produce the oxytocin hormon? I hope scientist will do research on that posiblity.

This question is popping up, because men know that some women may or can have an orgasm even by touching, kissing and sucking her breast. The feeling of bonding also can also be establish. May be, by reaching orgasm by touching, kissing and sucking of the women breast, that orgasm will produce oxytocin.

I've pick this from Wikipedia

Oxytocin (ok'si-to'sin) (Greek: "quick birth") is a mammalian hormone that also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. In women, it is released in large amounts after distension of the cervix and vagina during labor, and after stimulation of the nipples, facilitating birth and breastfeeding, respectively. It is occasionally misspelled as oxytoxin. Synthetic oxytocin is sold as medication under the trade names Pitocin and Syntocinon as well as generic oxytocin.

In humans, oxytocin is thought to be released during hugging, touching, and orgasm in both sexes. In the brain, oxytocin is involved in social recognition and bonding, and may be involved in the formation of trust between people [1] and generosity [2].


More about breast feeding baby, quote the related oxytocin.

11. Breastfeeding satisfies baby's emotional needs and increases bonding between mother and baby

All babies need to be held. There is no more comforting feeling for an infant of any age than being held close and cuddled while breastfeeding. In fact, studies have shown that premature babies are more likely to die if they are not held or stroked. Breastfeeding stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin in the mother's body. "It is now well established that oxytocin, as well as stimulating uterine contractions and milk ejection, promotes the development of maternal behavior and also bonding between mother and offspring."

Uvnas-Moberg, Eriksson: "Breastfeeding: physiological, endocrine and behavioral adaptations caused by oxytocin and local neurogenic activity in the nipple and mammary gland." Acta Paediatrica, 1996 May, 85(5):525-30

12. Baby's suckling helps prevent post-partum hemorrhage in mother
Nursing her baby causes the mother's body to release oxytocin, which stimulates contractions which help shrink the uterus back to pre-pregnancy size while expelling the placenta. These contractions also shut off the maternal blood vessels that formerly fed the baby and discourage excessive bleeding. Women who choose not to breastfeed must be given synthetic oxytocin to insure against hemorrhaging.

Chua S, et al. "Influence of breastfeeding and nipple stimulation on postpartum uterine activity." Br J Obstet Gynaecol 1994; 101:804-805

Hubungan Seks

Hubungan Seks

Lagi tips dan artikel hubungan seks

Hubungan seks didefinisikan sebagai persenyawaan, persetubuhan dan adalah satu aktiviti merangsangkan deria sentuhan kulit secara keseluruhan sehingga memasukkan alat zakar (lelaki) ke dalam lubang faraj (wanita) atau mana-mana liang individu lain secara geselan berulang dengan niat ingin mengeluarkan air mani (lelaki atau wanita) sedikit atau seluruhnya.

Rangsangan ini adalah naluri semulajadi (nature) semua makhluk hidup untuk menyambung generasi seterusnya agar gen ini tidak terpupus.

Hubungan ini selalu dikaitkan dengan perasaan cinta atau nafsu syahwat yang memuncak di kedua belah pihak. Hubungan seks biasanya bermula dengan kucupan, belaian atau sentuhan bahagian kulit lembut, menggosok atau menggesel dan memasukkan alat zakar ke dalam liang faraj (wanita) secara berulang dan disudahi dengan kekejangan / Inzal [(Puncak syahwat)] secara berperingkat dalam beberapa detik. Terdapat banyak teknik hubungan seks telah direkodkan. (Sila lihat Kamasutra).

Pancutan cecair putih pekat (Sperma) dan campuran air mani yang berlaku dan mulai mencair. Proses hubungan seks berlangsung dalam tempoh kurang 5 minit terpantas sehingga melebihi 2 jam. Kebiasaannya proses ini akan berulang-ulang apabila kembali terangsang.

Sebelum melakukan hubungan seks, individu tersebut akan berasa panas, fikiran menjadi agresif, deria kulit menjadi peka, alat zakar (lelaki)menjadi panjang, tegang dan mengeras. Faraj wanita akan berdenyut-denyut, lembapan meningkat dan mengeluarkan cecair putih dan licin beralkali. Kedua alat ini mulai berasa gatal dan kemerah-merahan.

Gelombang aura merah dari kedudukan pusat membesar sehingga ke bahagian otak. Mendorong fikiran untuk melepaskan keinginan melakukan hubungan seks dengan lebih radikal seperti menjilat atau mengisap kemaluan dan sebagainya.

Setelah melakukan hubungan seks, kedua individu yang merasai kenikmatan dan kepuasan akan berasa tenang, santai dan letih. Aura biru akan mulai menguasai badan individu dan aura merah kembali ke kedudukan pusat.

Kesan hubungan ini kepada wanita boleh mengakibatkan kehamilan berlaku jika tiada langkah pencegahan diambil. Wanita hamil selama 40 minggu akan melahirkan bayi hasil dari gabungan 2 benih (sperma dan Ovum) dalam satu nukleus. Wanita ini menjadi ibu kepada bayi tersebut.

Diambil daripada Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu

Wednesday, February 6, 2008



The fluid produced by the male which carries the sperm to the female, often resulting in pregnancy.

Sperm are produced in the testicles, and most of the fluid in the prostate. At the time of male orgasm, semen is ejected from the penis (this is called "ejaculation").

All sexual behaviors that result in the contact of semen with the vagina or vulva may result in pregnancy at any time unless adequate contraceptive (birth control) measures are in force. Sexual intercourse is generally a very effective cause of pregnancy and should be avoided unless pregnancy is desired (see abstinence), unless other adequate contraceptive measures are in force.

When a man is sexually excited, a small amount of a clear fluid (pre-ejaculate) may leak out of the penis before orgasm and ejaculation. One reason coitus interruptus ("withdrawal" of the penis from the vagina just before the man's orgasm) is not a very effective contraceptive (birth control) method is because this pre-ejaculate fluid may also contain sperm.

Semen is a whitish fluid containing water and small amounts of salt, protein, and fructose sugar, and is in itself harmless on the skin or when swallowed. (It does sting if gotten into the eyes.)

However, semen can transmit sexually transmitted diseases, most notably AIDS. Any kind of sexual or other contact with the semen of a person infected with the HIV (AIDS) virus should be avoided.



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Menikmati faraj wanita

Please review your Sabul search. You can find you Sabul Dating at

This blog memek page is created to test the web filtering using Dansguardian.

Awek Bogel

Awek Bogel

Awek bogel and bogel is the among most popular keywords search by Malaysian while using computers and Internet. Taman Wangi blog has been hits by awek bogel search and keep on increasing in each of awek bogel search. For Malaysian that hit this awek bogel blog page we would like you to review a much more interesting blog, other than searching awek bogel. This blog is Blog Taman Wangi. All the related information you want to know about can be review at blog taman wangi. Among them

Menikmati tubuh badan wanita

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Please review your Sabul search. You can find you Sabul Dating at

Persediaan Seks Untuk Hari Kekasih (Valentine' Day)

Persediaan Seks Untuk Hari Kekasih (Valentine' Day)

Tentunya anda tidak mahu kecewakan kekasih anda sewaktu hari Valentine. Tentu ia satu yang memalukan sekiranya anda tidak berfungsi dengan extra yang anda mahukan. Maka bersedialah daripada awal. Disenaraikan artikel blog Taman Wangi yang boleh dijadikan panduan untuk persediaan.

Wanita mengambil masa untuk panas. Maka persediaan daripada awal perlu diambil bagi memastikan semuanya berjalan dengan baik malamnya. Bunga sememangnya telah dijangka. Mengapa tidak, hantarkan SMS Cinta kepada kekasih anda.

SMS Cinta di MobileKlub

Atau Ekad

Selain bunga rose, dicadangkan dan sememangnya amat dicadangkan untuk hadiahkan coklat. Mengapa coklat, baca disini?

Diri anda juga turutnya dan sepatutnya bersedia. Makanan yang sihat menjaminkan "performance" anda malamnya. Anda perlu menjaga kesihatan. Makanlah produk-produk kesihatan yang diperbuat daripada Spirulina.

Spirulina mengandungi zat galian yang diperlukan untuk menghasilkan air mani yang banyak. Pancutan air mani yang banyak akan lebih memuaskan anda dan pasangan anda. Perempuan juga perlu makannya untuk menjaga badan dan memberikan stamina.

Senaman itu penting. Terdapat senaman khas untuk lelaki yang perlu dilakukan dengan lebih awal. Senaman Harimau Untuk Lelaki.

Tongkat Ali merupakan herba yang sesuai untuk meningkatkan tahap kemampuan seks. Jangan ambil campuran minuman kerana kadar tongkat alinya sedikit. Terdapat dua produk yang boleh dicuba.

NU-PREP Tongkat Ali

Oriyen Tongkat Ali Maca Plus (Edaran Cosway)

Wanita digalakkan makan tongkat ali, selain menambahkan tenaga, ia mampu meningkatkan nafsu seks dan peningkatan kepuasan seks. Cubalah baru anda tahu.

Penggunaan Kondom juga penting untuk mencapai kenikmatan sebenar. Jika anda berminat untuk lain daripada yang lain boleh mencuba dua kondom ini yang boleh dibeli di Guardian.

Durex Play Vibrating Condom

Kondom paling best mendapat pujian. Kondom siput

Moga maklumat-maklumat ini dapat membantu anda membuat persediaan untuk Hari Kekasih. Untuk email terkini Blog Taman Wangi sila sertai senarai email terhad taman wangi di


6 Feb 2008.

Artikel tahun lepas sempena Hari Kekasih

Amalkan Seks Yang Sihat

Dapatkan Ringgit Dengan Blog Anda Daftar Segera

Untuk rekod archive

Oriyen Tongkat Ali Maca Plus

Oriyen Tongkat Ali Maca Plus (30 plants capsules)

Natural ways to increase your physical performance And vitality

Oriyen Tongkat Ali Maca Plus

Let Oriyen Tongkat Ali Maca Plus improve your vitality, energy and physical performance. Unlike general Tongkat Ali brands, Oriyen Tongkat Ali Maca Plus is a water-soluble extract of Tongkat Ali from the development and integration can increase energy and promote blood circulation Maca's fine herbs, ginseng and ginkgo biloba leaves. Its active ingredient could play a coordinating role, helping raise testosterone levels, enhance libido and reduce muscle relaxants.

This product is suited to enhance the vitality and energy of men and women use, excellent for over 30 years, the desire to reduce adults, elderly persons, often feel tired and long-term pressure in adults and students.

Traditional herbs used to promote male energy and sexuality.

Marketed by : Cosway (M) Sdn Bhd (50118-A)

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack)

Friday, February 1, 2008

CyberMoney2U Making Money Online For Malaysian

CyberMoney2U Making Money Online For Malaysian

Cybermoney2u At is the blog for compiling programs in the Internet that can be joint by Malaysia computer and Internet users to make money with their blogs and websites.

This blog is to promote affiliate program like Adsense, Adbrite and FOREX for computer and Internet users the world specially Malaysia computer and Internet users. If you want to make money online to settle your debt, this is your blog to refer and make money online. This blog in Malay and English. Don't involved with get rich programs or you may end in debt. Learn Forex, adsense and adbrite from cybermoney2u blog.

CyberMoney2u Hub

CyberMoney2U Senserely Pages

This Articles at Senserely

Taman Wangi Discussion

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Blog About Making Money Online

Blog About Making Money Online
Blog About Making Money Online
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