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Friday, February 29, 2008

Tantric Breathing - Breathe Your Way to Better Sex Performance

Tantric Breathing - Breathe Your Way to Better Sex Performance

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Author: Gabrielle Moore

Everyday you hear or read that you're not breathing properly. Your breathing is too shallow. This is why you often feel that your energy is being zapped from your body. If you're not taking in enough energy, how can you be expected to exert it?

When it comes to Tantric lovemaking, proper breathing is very important. It helps you last longer and perform better. That got your interest didn't it? Well read on then and find out how you can master the art of Tantric breathing.

Hot Tantric Breathing Tips!

Step 1: Focus, focus, focus.
When you're having sex, you're obviously focused on one thing: reaching an orgasm. However, you're focusing on the wrong thing. By concentrating on the destination, you fail to enjoy the journey. Actually, you shouldn't feel bad about this. Modern media and society has brainwashed us to focus on 'achieving goals', 'instant gratification', and 'the sooner the better'.

Tantric sex teachings do not focus on the end result. It simply focuses on the NOW so while making love, focus on your breathing. Be mindful of each inhale and exhale.

Hot breathing tip: With each inhale, imagine the sexual energy you are drinking from her; with each exhale, imagine the sexual energy you're emitting to her.

Step 2: Go slow.
The faster you breather, the quicker you reach orgasm. It's like subconsciously and physically pushing yourself to reach release. But what about your partner? Enough studies show that it takes women far longer to reach their orgasms. What are you going to do then after you reach yours?

Tantric breathing is all about long, deep, and slow breaths. Keep the breathing slow and you'll enjoy sex for hours at a time.

Step 3: Exchange 'energies' with your partner.
We are programmed to be competitive to the point that we all want to reach the finish line first. Consider this all too common scenario: two treadmills are side by side at the gym and two guys go on each one of them. One guy starts to run fast and before you know it, the other guy tends to do the same time. An even though these men don't know each other, it seems that it's just not 'macho' if you let the other guy outrun you!
Well the same is true during sex, albeit subconsciously. If you're both inhaling and exhaling at the same time, you guys are subconsciously trying to goad each other to reach your destinations (orgasms) faster. So what do you do? Practice exchanging sexual energy.

To do this, breathe in as your partner breathes out, and vice versa. Try to keep close to each other as you do this, letting your breaths intermingle. This does not only provide an aura of 'support' (rather than competition), but also makes for a deeper connection while performing the sexual act.

Step 4: Use your breath to stop climaxing.
You may be thinking why you would want to delay an orgasm. As mentioned above, one reason would be to enable your female partner to 'catch up with you' when it comes to climaxing. Other reasons and less thought of ones, are these: (1) if you delay cumming now, imagine how much more powerfully your climax will be later, and (2) if you cum now, then that's it; love making is over. Why don't you want to prolong all these wonderful feelings -physical and emotional - you are experiencing now with your lover?

So the next time, you feel the stirrings of an orgasm, rest your movements a little bit and focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths to calm your body while not exactly bringing it down to 'zero pleasure'.

Tantric breathing exercise to delay an oncoming orgasm:
As your excitement reaches almost the unbearable level, breathe heavily and deeply through your mouth. Push or puff air out of your mouth while at the same time contracting your stomach muscles. This Tantric breathing technique modifies the blood energy in your body and will prevent ejaculation because it lessens the blood supply to your penis.

Step 5: Breathe together to 'cum' together.
After hours of tantric lovemaking, you may indeed find yourselves reaching an orgasm and this time, you don't want to stop it. For a more intense climax, however, do goad yourselves physically and subconsciously by breathing together, inhaling and exhaling at exactly the same time.

Start practicing the above Tantric breathing techniques and you'll soon find that making love is better because you guys can last longer in bed.

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Gabrielle Moore is the co-author of The ">G Spot Code. It teaches men how to please women with G Spot orgasms every time. For more information, go to:

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