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Dating Wanita Malaysia
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cipap Melayu Malaysia

Cipap Melayu Malaysia

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Foreplay advice for men and women

Foreplay is a critical and crucial part of the whole lovemaking experience. It is simply define as everything that comes before actual intercourse. A couple needs foreplay to spice up their sex life, get fully aroused and heighten pleasure.

Men are from Mars.

Sometimes men need prolonged foreplay to get an erection. Foreplay for men is relatively simple and easy. The direct touching of the genitals usually does the trick. But for those women, who want to tantalize their men into submission remember these five foreplay-for-him maneuvers.

  • Visuals play a vital role, so a sexy clothe would be a nice touch but giving him an unadulterated view of your body will be the hottest gift. Reinforce this view with some steamy moves guaranteed to thrill, like giving him a strip tease.
  • Let your parted lips roam his body, like his stomach or chest, then slowly exhale. The rush of hot air will change the temperature in his skin and heighten his arousal.
  • Seize control and show your animal instinct. You’ll be surprise to know that men crave seduction as much as a woman and being aggressive is a sign of lust and that you’re as into it as he is.
  • Excite them with touch. Guys are especially touchy when they are between the sheets. Giving him butt massages and long but gentle scratches up and down their back will turn your fella right on.
  • Do what ever it is you are doing to bring him to the brink. Then ease up, not necessarily stopping, but put off the good thing for a while. Do this a few times until he screams "enough already."

Women are from Venus.

Women need foreplay to become properly lubricated. For women foreplay is a bit more complicated. Direct genital touching is the last place you should go, consider every where else on her body as a good place to touch, massage and kiss before you go there. Letting her know that she is wanted for more than sex, that she is cared about as a woman, is what really turns her on. Here is a five step plan to help her get ready.

  • Nothing is more important to a woman than knowing that you have a connection. It can be as simple as telling her that you were thinking about her, and missed her, nothing over-the-top, just honest and caring conversation.
  • Remember that being intimate does not have to mean being sexual. Once in a while ask her probing questions and give her more than one-word replies when she asks you the same. Confide in her, and let her know that you appreciate her listening.
  • Establish physical contact without being sexual, like holding her hand, giving her massages, do anything to simply make contact without mauling her.
  • Kissing, for women, is an incredible turn on. You have to remember that women sees kissing as another form of emotional intimacy so do not go to a lot of tongue action right away. It will be good to start with a brief caressing of lips and pay attention to whether or not she’s digging it. If she is, continue from there with a bit more passion but always be aware of whether she is reciprocating. A great trick is to imitate her kissing style, as it’s surely a sign of what she likes!

Author : Gina Gray

Source :

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Beginners Guide to Great Sensual Massage Technique

There’s a lot more to giving a sensual massage than a hand job. For those of you just starting out, here are some basic tips and techniques:

  • Take the time to set up properly - Turn off the phone, dim the lights and create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Find a table or bed on which your partner can lie comfortably and place a sheet over it. Provide pillows for under his or her head and knees. Set up all the equipment you will need (oils and lubricants, condoms or latex gloves, etc) on a small separate table within easy reach. Warm your hands and your oils with warm water before applying them to bare skin.
  • Maintain constant contact – If you need to remove a hand from your partner’s body at any time, replace it with the other hand. Maintaining constant contact keeps the mind and body stimulated.
  • Whatever you do to one side, do to the other – Try your best to maintain symmetry in the massage. Balance is a key factor in the building and manipulation of the energy you are trying to create.
  • Communicate – This is particularly important before embarking on the genital portion of the massage. Be sure that your partner is comfortable with each and every stage of the massage and encourage them to let you know if you are being too firm or too gentle.
  • Keep it light and fun – Remind your partner that you are in this for your enjoyment as well, take the time to let them know how you appreciate their body. Express joy at touching them. Talking dirty can also add another dimension to the experience.
Remember that although many folks enjoy ending a sensual massage with an orgasm, the massage is a process and not a product. Orgasms are always better when they build slowly and Erotic and Sensual Massage is an excellent way to prolong and enhance an orgasm.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Can You Give Her Multiple Orgasms?

You may probably know that it is totally possible for a woman to have multiple orgasms. Yet there are a lot of women who cannot really achieve multiple orgasms. In fact, as a man you should be able to help your lady to achieve it. You will certainly be able to have a better sex experience if you can give your woman multiple orgasms.

So, the question here is how you achieve this goal of giving your lady multiple orgasms. There are some tricks in order to do so. If you would like to learn these tricks, this article is certainly for you.

The first thing you need to do is to create a suitable atmosphere when you are planning to have intimate relationship with your lady. The atmosphere is always important. You will need to try your best to make your lady feel relaxed. And the atmosphere will help to set her mood to have sex with you. You can decorate your house so that it looks romantic. You may try to use some candles to give your house or bedroom a romantic feeling.

When you are having intimate relationship with your lady, you should remember to take the time. You should never do it in a rush. Both of you should try to relax and enjoy the moment of being together. Remember to spend plenty of time on your foreplay. As all the other experts will advise, the foreplay is one of the most important parts.

Now it comes to the G spot stimulation. As a matter of fact, G spot stimulation is the key of achieving multiple orgasms. Again, you should do it slowly. And you should also apply constant pressure to her G spot.

You scan also ask if you have been doing the right thing or on the right track. Yes you need to ask your lady if she is feeling good when you are stimulating her. It is also very important for you to keep communicating with her. You can tell her you really love her. You can also try to admire her body shape. All these will help to give her multiple orgasms.

If you are not able to give her multiple orgasms, you should not worry. You should try to discuss with her what you have done and let her tell you if you have been doing something wrong. You should also tell you what you are trying to do so that she can let you know if you are doing it right. If you can do so, you will be able to give her a wonderful experience sooner or later.

Author : Jerry Leung
Source :

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Better Sex For Couples

There are proven methods to improve sexual performance and pleasure among couples. However, various couples struggle with different challenges. One couple may be dealing with erectile dysfunction in the male partner, another with lack of sex drive in the female or male partner. Some couples have too much stress in their lives that’s not managed properly and this negatively affects their sexual experience and intimacy.

For others a lack of creativity is the major cause of disinterest and boredom and has lead to poor sexual performance and desire. The mistake that happens often is when couples use an inappropriate method for treating the problem. You see, all of the conditions listed above are encountered by many couples and each problem requires a unique solution.

Additional problems and frustrations occur when a couple uses the wrong method to treat their specific problem, for instance using a drug or other method as the "cure all" for what is lacking in their sexual experience. An example would be someone using a medication or other herbal substance that is intended to treat erectile dysfunction, but that person thinks that the substance will increase sexual desire, which is not the case because that is not how the substance was designed to work.

Erectile Dysfunction

This is also referred to as "impotence" in men. It is the condition in which the male partner has a sex drive (very important), can get an erection (or at least start the process), but is unable to maintain an erection for the intended duration of sex or until an orgasm is reached. This condition is appropriately treated with medications. And you can treat it with natural substances also. The medications used to treat erectile dysfunction belong to a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Included in this class are the drugs Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

They are effective in treating impotence because they cause more complete filling of the penis with blood and allows the penis to remain engorged for a longer period of time, usually long enough to reach climax and sometimes even beyond that. Viagra has proven effective in enhancing sexual pleasure in women in a similar way by increasing blood circulation to the vaginal area.

Levitra has been proven to help treat erectile dysfunction in men that also suffer one or more other illnesses that compound the problem. Among them are diabetes, high blood pressure, and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol levels in the blood). There are also natural herbal products that help treat erectile dysfunction without the side effects that may be encountered with these medications.

It is important to consult your primary doctor in determining whether any of the medications are the best option for you, especially if you have a history of heart disease or low blood pressure.

Lack of Sex Drive

This is when there is no desire to participate in sexual activities. There are different causes for this condition. Stress can be a factor. Many medications have decreased sex drive as a side effect. Depression is a cause, especially when it leads to physical inactivity. Even our diets can contribute, directly and indirectly, to lack of sex drive and performance in men and women. It is important to distinguish lack of sex drive from erectile dysfunction, here's why.

Let’s say a man has no or low sex drive and becomes frustrated because he is unable to become aroused sexually for his partner, yet he believes that Viagra (a treatment for erectile dysfunction) will help solve the problem. He will more than likely become more frustrated because that is not how Viagra works. It was not formulated to stimulate or increase sex drive. With Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra there needs to be sexual arousal which releases certain enzymes or chemicals into the bloodstream that allow the meds to be effective. Without arousal this does not occur.

There are some natural ways to increase testosterone levels that have been proven to dramatically increase sex drive. There are even foods that help with this. Exercise is a great way to enhance testosterone levels and sex drive in a safe way, but some forms of exercise are more effective than others.

Stress Anxiety Depression

I put these together because they can be closely related if we don't manage them properly. Unmanaged stress and anxiety often lead to depression. High stress, anxiety, and depression are major inhibitors of good sexual and general health. It is true that great sex has to do with the right mental stimulation and attitude and nothing negatively impacts the right mind set more than high stress, anxiety, or depression.

We manage these conditions by incorporating things that make our lives more balanced. Some ways include; diet and exercise, involving ourselves in more spiritual pursuits, committing more time for the family, or it could be just getting rid of things that make you stressed, anxious, or depressed. Usually effective management involves some of everything. The important thing is that you take action to get them under control. They can be managed effectively by most of us.

Lack of Creativity and Romance

Some couples kill their sex lives when they stop being creative. Even sex, as pleasurable as it is, can become old and even boring if we stop being creative. You see, creativity starts the mental process that sets the stage for great sex. Creativity gets our minds involved in the act. Let's face it, anyone can do it or go through the motions, but to really have great sex involves a bit more from the mind and body together. Remember when you first met your partner and how you felt. The excitement you felt during that time was a motivating force that helped you think up ways to show them how much you cared.

And your efforts payed off in a good way, didn’t they? I will let you know that by involving the mind in thinking of creative ways to communicate your affection towards your partner can engender the same excitement you felt when you first met. It will make a difference in improving your chances for great sex every time.

Author : Whitney Moore
Article Source :

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Signs She Is Faking An Orgasm

Good sex is sex that satisfactorily caters for the sexual needs of both partners. It is important that both partners climax and bask in the laurels of an orgasm. It is good to avoid Feelings of being duped. However, various forms of studies reveal that more than half the women fake an orgasm during sex with a partner at one point or another. She knows she will not experience an orgasm every time she has sex. It might give you a bad feeling that despite your concerted efforts you couldn't bring her to an orgasm. But what are the signs she is faking an orgasm?

There are tell tale signs that you are being taken for a ride. If you pay close attention to them, catching her is simple. The clitoral head retracts just moments before she orgasm's. The disappearance of the clitoris gives you a broad hint. Keep the tempo and keep it up. You do not have to be down there to see it disappear and neither do you have to puts the lights on. It is something you can feel. Position yourself at an angle where it is possible to rub her clitoris while you are still pumping. Under the pretext of giving her an added pleasure, feel the situation with your hand to or establish whether she is almost or you are being duped. If she is acting like a person on the throes of passion and the clitoris is still there, it one of the signs she is faking an orgasm.

Always pay attention to her rhythm of breathing. There is nothing that gives a woman away during moments of pleasure than her breathing rate. Listen to it close to your ear. The moment it grows heavier gradually, then you are right on target. The change in rhythm comes swiftly when an orgasm is about to rock her. It comes in the company of other body movements and spasms, tension changes that are subconscious and do not forget that incoherent moan. Clutching and clinging at you, groaning and moaning is an act exercised by all women whether faking an orgasm or not. She can easily dupe you on that but you will catch her on her rhythm of breathing. She is in it for real if her heart is thumping away like an engine bracing for the final climb. If there is no excitement in her, her bodily behavior, breathing and heart rate will be more than ordinary. One of the sure signs she is faking an orgasm.

She is doing all manner of things to suggest she is climaxing. Kindly tell her to gaze into your eyes as she comes to an orgasm. It is such a romantic and novel idea that she will surely oblige to. Now, pay keen attention to her pupils. If they are dilated, know you are on the home stretch boy. It is the best indicator that all was not in vain. This is best done when the lights are on. As you romp away, take serious note of the exert nature of her pupils during her moment of pleasure. Compare this size differences at various stages and most importantly at the end of it. If the pupils are the same from he beginning till the end, there are signs she is faking an orgasm.

Author : Francis Githinji
Article Source :

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sex: fast or slow?

Each woman dreams about different ways of sex and partner’s sexual behavior. But most of the women prefer smooth slow approach and sensuality rather than a fast fuck.

A slow sexual behavior has a lot of benefits. With smooth sensual approach you can explore your and your partner’s body, enrich your sensual word and sexual experience. Touch her gently, feel her breath and soft skin, smell her body aroma and enjoy her moans and whispers. And what about highlighted in films hard and fast fucking? The answer is "films are not true life". Producers are trying to excite the audience and to attract us with wild sex scenes. Just imagine how boring can be one film full of slow but real scenes. That is why porn stars always take the fast road, they know what you and film directors are waiting from them. The most common illusion that sex must look like this furious way was created by porn industry, but true relationship goes on in a totally different, slow, way.

Slow approach is a good method to provide her the supreme pleasure. Do not be too narrow-minded thinking only about her breasts and twat. The most erogenous areas of the woman’s body are ears, foot fingers, the back of her knee. Try to lick her ears, foot, massage them carefully, touch her nape, lick the back of her knees. Have you tried that? For sure, you better try as soon as possible!

Women are very fond of kissing, licking, caressing, slurping. You will feel the throbbing tingling down her spine while you tenderly kiss her back. She will become hornier the more you tease her. Her moans will become more load after each lick you give to her ear or foot. Candles, rose petals, tender sheets, sexy underwear, nice music, sex toys will be right details to accent the romantic moment and provoke her longing. Do not try to make everything short termed. Intense and then decrease your caress, making her to wait. Try different techniques. That will lead her to multi orgasm.

It’s strange but a lot of people love sex, but the same time do not try to extend their pleasure while making it. Men hurry to exercise orgasm, but the depth of it will sure be less if you do not limit yourself at the beginning. So do not force the situation and do not kill the tenderness which slowly appears between you and your partner.

Control of your urges is very important if you want your sexual encounters to be really intimate. Start with slow thrusts, make pauses, touch her gently. The more you know each other’s bodies, the more pleasure you feel.

Women are very sensitive to who was their every sexual experience. They need to feel that they are special, that you do care and understand their needs. The problem is that women do not tend to say what exactly they want, it seems for them that you must understand everything without any words. So, try not to disappoint her expectations.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Now You Give Her a 8 Minute Orgasm - Sex Pleasures

When trying to help your partner have a orgasm it is good to know some of the facts that will help you. First it is important to know that women take longer to reach a climax than a man does. This is mainly because for a man to reproduce he needs to climax and for a woman they do not need to climax.

Learn How To Get : Top Lovemaking Tips

First you want to get to know some things about your partner. It is always a good idea to talk to each other during sex and foreplay so that you will know what feels best and what is working well for you both. It is important to know were the G Spot is on your partner because this will be the key area to an orgasm. The area is located about 1-2 inches inside the clit and can be easy stimulated with your two fingers or a vibrator.

Learn How To Have a : Mind Blowing Orgasm

You might want to start off with kissing her in the neck area and the inner thighs because these areas will stimulate her to reach a lasting climax. Remember that you need to be patient and do not rush things because to have a great orgasm it takes some time.

It is a good idea to find out what turns her on such as a certain kind of music or maybe it is a favorite sexual toy. You should use these things to help you get warmed up so that the orgasm will be long lasting and intense.

It is always a good idea to get the best tips for lovemaking and having an orgasm so that you know every trick that exist.

Author: Bryan Burbank
Article Source:

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