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Dating Wanita Malaysia

Dating Wanita Malaysia
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Sex: fast or slow?

Each woman dreams about different ways of sex and partner’s sexual behavior. But most of the women prefer smooth slow approach and sensuality rather than a fast fuck.

A slow sexual behavior has a lot of benefits. With smooth sensual approach you can explore your and your partner’s body, enrich your sensual word and sexual experience. Touch her gently, feel her breath and soft skin, smell her body aroma and enjoy her moans and whispers. And what about highlighted in films hard and fast fucking? The answer is "films are not true life". Producers are trying to excite the audience and to attract us with wild sex scenes. Just imagine how boring can be one film full of slow but real scenes. That is why porn stars always take the fast road, they know what you and film directors are waiting from them. The most common illusion that sex must look like this furious way was created by porn industry, but true relationship goes on in a totally different, slow, way.

Slow approach is a good method to provide her the supreme pleasure. Do not be too narrow-minded thinking only about her breasts and twat. The most erogenous areas of the woman’s body are ears, foot fingers, the back of her knee. Try to lick her ears, foot, massage them carefully, touch her nape, lick the back of her knees. Have you tried that? For sure, you better try as soon as possible!

Women are very fond of kissing, licking, caressing, slurping. You will feel the throbbing tingling down her spine while you tenderly kiss her back. She will become hornier the more you tease her. Her moans will become more load after each lick you give to her ear or foot. Candles, rose petals, tender sheets, sexy underwear, nice music, sex toys will be right details to accent the romantic moment and provoke her longing. Do not try to make everything short termed. Intense and then decrease your caress, making her to wait. Try different techniques. That will lead her to multi orgasm.

It’s strange but a lot of people love sex, but the same time do not try to extend their pleasure while making it. Men hurry to exercise orgasm, but the depth of it will sure be less if you do not limit yourself at the beginning. So do not force the situation and do not kill the tenderness which slowly appears between you and your partner.

Control of your urges is very important if you want your sexual encounters to be really intimate. Start with slow thrusts, make pauses, touch her gently. The more you know each other’s bodies, the more pleasure you feel.

Women are very sensitive to who was their every sexual experience. They need to feel that they are special, that you do care and understand their needs. The problem is that women do not tend to say what exactly they want, it seems for them that you must understand everything without any words. So, try not to disappoint her expectations.

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