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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sexercise Yourself into Shape

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'Sexercise' yourself into shape

The NHS has some new advice for people struggling to schedule a fitness routine into their daily lives - a workout between the sheets.

According to the NHS Direct website, "sexercise" can lower the risk of heart attacks and helps people live longer.

Endorphins released during orgasm stimulate immune system cells, which also helps target illnesses like cancer, as well as wrinkles, it states.

Sexual health experts said such claims could not be scientifically proven.

"It's good to see the NHS are promoting sexual wellbeing," Dr Melissa Sayer told the Guardian newspaper.

"Yes, there is evidence that sex has benefits for mental wellbeing, but to say there is a link with reduced risk of heart disease and cancer is taking the argument too far."

NHS Direct, however, told the paper the content was "backed by science and clinical evidence" and "isn't just a bit of fun".

'Regular romps'

The advice, published under the headline "Get more than zeds in bed", is one of several sexual health-related articles to be found on the NHS Direct website.

Sex with a little energy and imagination provides a workout worthy of an athlete, the article says.

“ If you're worried about wrinkles - orgasms even help prevent frown lines from deepening ”
NHS Direct

"Forget about jogging round the block or struggling with sit-ups.

"Sex uses every muscle group, gets the heart and lungs working hard, and burns about 300 calories an hour."

The advice suggests "regular romps this winter" could lead to a better body and a younger look.

Increased production of endorphins "will make your hair shine and your skin smooth," it adds.

"If you're worried about wrinkles - orgasms even help prevent frown lines from deepening."

The article goes on to say that orgasms release "painkillers" into the bloodstream, which helping keep mild illnesses like colds and aches and pains at bay.

The production of extra oestrogen and testosterone hormones "will keep your bones and muscles healthy, leaving you feeling fabulous inside and out".

Story from BBC NEWS: Full

Published: 2006/02/11 04:16:27 GMT


Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Complex Clues In a Kiss

Complex Clues In a Kiss

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Complex clues in a kiss

By James Morgan
Science reporter, BBC News, Chicago

When you share a kiss with your lover on Valentine's Day, you may be revealing a lot more than you realise.

Locking lips not only stimulates our senses, it also gives us subtle clues about our suitability as mates, US scientists have found.

A man's saliva has a "cocktail of chemicals" hinting at his fertility and evolutionary fitness, they said at a conference in Chicago.

That may be why the first kiss is often the last - "the kiss of death".

Primitive instinct

"Kissing is a powerful adaptive mechanism - otherwise we wouldn't see it all over the world. Over 90% of human societies practice kissing," said anthropologist Helen Fisher, of Rutgers University in New Jersey, at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Chicago.

"Chimpanzees and bonobos kiss. Foxes lick each other's faces. Birds tap their bills together and elephants put their trunks in one another's mouths.

"So why do we do it? I think it is a tool for mate assessment. When you kiss, you can touch, see, feel, taste somebody. A huge part of our brain lights up.

"This is a real assessment tool - and can be highly positive or highly negative. In one study, 66% of women and 59% of men had experienced a first kiss which killed the relationship. It was the kiss of death."

Chemical bond

As well as acting as a "screening" mechanism for potential mates, Dr Fisher believes kissing evolved to stimulate what she has described as the three key brain systems for mating and reproduction.

The first of these is sex drive.

"Male saliva has testosterone in it. And men as a group seem to like wet kisses, with an open mouth and more tongue action.

"So it may be that, unconsciously, they are attempting to transfer testosterone - to trigger the sex drive in women and push them into being more sexually receptive."

Men also have a poor sense of smell, she said, so by open mouth kissing "they might be trying to pick up traces of a woman's oestrogen cycle, to figure out the degree of her fertility."

The second mechanism is romantic love.

"Kissing is novel, at least at the beginning of a relationship, and novelty stimulates dopamine - which is associated with romantic love," said Dr Fisher.

Finally, kissing promotes what she referred to as "attachment" or "pair bonding".

It helps us to stay together "at least long enough to have children," she said.

To study the chemistry which underlies kissing and pair bonding, neuroscientist Dr Wendy Hill, of Lafayette College, recruited a group of college students.

The young lovers - 15 couples in all - were then split into two groups. Some were asked to smooch for 15 minutes, to the soundtrack of relaxing music. The others sat holding hands and talking.

Romantic setting?

"Afterwards, we measured the changes in their levels of cortisol - a stress hormone - in their saliva.

"Levels had declined for everyone in the kissing group. And the longer the relationship, the lower the cortisol."

Dr Hill also took blood samples from the couples to measure levels of oxytocin - a messenger molecule associated with trust and sexual intimacy.

After 15 minutes of kissing, the males saw a significant increase in the "pair bonding" chemical.

But in the females, a decrease in oxytocin was observed.

"This was very surprising," Dr Hill admitted. "We are exploring the possibility that the setting - a college health centre - was just not very romantic.

"After all, this is a place where students go when they are ill. That may have had an effect on the females."

Dr Fisher is now running the study again "in a more romantic setting.

"We have a secluded room with a couch, flowers, candles, and a light jazz CD playing."

Interestingly, the females on birth control pills had significantly higher oxytocin levels, even before kissing began.

But with so few couples taking part in the study, which has yet to be published, it was not clear if there was any direct link between the two.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2009/02/14 19:15:18 GMT


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Friday, February 13, 2009

Is sexual desire entering a recession?

Dating Asian Girls and Women

Is sexual desire entering a recession?

By Susan Quilliam
Relationship psychologist

Valentine's Day, by tradition, is an opportunity for declarations of love and lust. But will 2009 be different?

Given the economic downturn, is passion too in recession? Or will couples fling themselves into each other's arms to compensate for their inability to spend, spend, spend?

Professor Helen Fisher, of Rutgers University, holds this latter theory.

The sheer stress of money worries in general, and fear of redundancy in particular will, she argues, elevate levels of the chemical dopamine in the brain - and dopamine is associated with romantic love.

"Times of stress can trigger feelings of attraction - quite simply, you're more susceptible," she said.

Professor Fisher's theories are based on a classic 1974 study by Dutton and Aron - in which male subjects walking across a dangerous-seeming bridge were found to be more likely to fall for an attractive woman researcher.

They are currently being reinforced by a flurry of less academic reports.

Website traffic

Dating websites eHarmony and both report major boosts in traffic of up to 20% over the past few months.

“ Surely when people need relief from their financial worries they reach for the natural medication created by body contact? ”
A YouGov survey of 20,144 British adults in November 2008 found sex was the most popular low-cost activity.

Sex toy shops as far apart as Amsterdam, New York and China are anecdotally reporting a boom in sales.

And, according to Ken Herron, chief of marketing at gay dating site Manhunt, the site had its biggest membership sign-up on 29 September, the day the Dow Jones Index crashed.

The logic here rings true, absolutely reflecting what I as an advice columnist am seeing in my postbag.

Surely when people feel alone, they reach out for connection, seek out pleasure in the form of skin-on-skin contact?

Surely when people need relief from their financial worries they reach for the natural medication created by body contact, which releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin?

Negative impact

However, at a certain point, this logic breaks down - and the very opposite appears true.

Relate, the couples counselling organisation, is seeing in established couples a different picture from the sexfest Helen Fisher describes.

Denise Knowles, Relate sex therapist, said: "Economic uncertainties can cause people to become more anxious - with the added dimension of people trying to get another job, or working longer hours to cover for a partner who has lost theirs.

"In the end, they are simply less likely to want sexual activity at the end of a long day."

In addition, the very anxiety that may be fuelling the initial desire to bond sexually may also sap the ability to experience pleasure.

Self-esteem classically drops during recession, particularly for those who actively lose their jobs.

Equally, respect drops for a partner who is economically less successful.

Then, desire plummets along with the esteem and respect.

And even if desire remains constant, ability to act on that desire may be compromised.

A lack of self-confidence has often been cited as affecting male virility - the classic 'performance anxiety' - and a lack of emotional security during lovemaking as affecting female arousal.

Money and satisfaction

It is also arguable that economic reversal is affecting sexual completion too, at least for women.

“ Maybe economic woes bring us together but then make us unable to enjoy the fruits of that bonding ”
A recent study by Dr Thomas Pollet, of Newcastle University, suggesting that rich men give their partners more orgasms surely also implies that monetarily challenged men deliver fewer climaxes.

According to Dr Pollet, money is one of the main factors determining female sexual satisfaction.

Are these theories contradictory? Does the recession create lust - or sap it? Does a lack of money lead to a raising of desire - or a lowering of sexual action?

One possible theory to square the circle is - to misquote the famous line from Macbeth - is that recession "provokes the desire but takes away the performance".

Maybe economic woes bring us together but then make us unable to enjoy the fruits of that bonding.

If so, what to do? Knowles advises clear communication: "If you are too tired for sex, tell your partner why. If you suddenly go off sex or can't perform, being open is the best policy."

Communication will not solve everything, however: if the problems continue, it could be you need more specialist help.

It could be then that, instead of roses and chocolates for Valentine's this year, we ought to be handing our beloved an appointment card for a therapy session. Just a thought.

# Susan Quilliam is the author of The New Joy of Sex, and of The Romantic Lover and The Adventurous Lover published by Mitchell Beazley.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2009/02/13 10:11:21 GMT


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Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 Love Making Positions to Leave Her Begging For More!

1. Woman-on-top position:
This is voted as the most popular love making position for women because it gives them total control of pace and intensity to find out what's the best for them. As well, it makes your partner feel seductive, sexy and make her totally satisfied! Following are list of tips to make the most out of this position:

- Place a big cushion under your buttock to lift up position of pelvis for deep penetration.

- Have her to thrust in steady circular, or back and forth motion. It allow penis to rub against all walls of vagina and G spot for erotic stimulation.

- She draws her legs as close as possible to supercharge sensation for both of you.

- Use your free hands to caress her breasts and lower belly for extra stimulation.

2. Sexy Seagull position:
She lies on her back with her buttocks resting comfortably near the edge of bed. You kneel down between her legs and make sure penis and vagina are parallel. When necessary, you can place a cushion under her back to adjust height. In this position, your penis enters directly into her body, which results in explosive sensations for both of you.

Extra hot tip:
Instead of mindless thrusting, you may want to try teasing her, i.e. withdrawing when she's about to orgasm. When you resume stimulation, it is going to push her over the edge easily and quickly. Here's how: during thrusting, stimulate her until she's near climax. Then, pull out your member and stimulate other erogenous zones (e.g. clitoris, breasts and nipples). Repeat this step a few times until you think it's time for the big "O". The hiatus is going to exponentially enhance her orgasmic pleasure. Certainly, she will be annoyed when you pull off- don't be afraid to provoke her, she will thank you later.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Persediaan Seks Untuk Hari Kekasih (Valentine Day) 2009

Persediaan Seks Untuk Hari Kekasih (Valentine Day) 2009

Muat turun Panduan Persediaan Seks Hari Kekasih setebal 40 muka di sini. Anda perlu mendaftar sebagai agli Google Group untuk muat turun.

Dengan fail bernama panduan-seks-hari-kekasih-2009-web.pdf

atau terus ke

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(1) Posisi Seks Blog Taman Wangi
(2) Panduan membeli batang zakar lelaki dan buah dada wanita
(3) Pancutkan Isteri sepuasnya

dan banyak lagi ...

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Hayati Andante,andante Untuk Membelai Isteri

Hayati Andante,andante Untuk Membelai Isteri

Lirik lagu ini sesuai untuk memahami kehendak seorang isteri dalam membelai dirinya. Pancutkan Isteri Puaskan Isteri perlukan sesi pemanasan atau foreplay barulah banyak air daraj dipancutkan.

Artikel Foreplay Isteri

Kamsutra Baru

Pancutkan Isteri Puaskan Isteri

Andante,andante ABBA Frida

Take it easy with me, please
Touch me gently like a summer evening breeze
Take your time, make it slow
Andante, Andante
Just let the feeling grow

Make your fingers soft and light
Let your body be the velvet of the night
Touch my soul, you know how
Andante, Andante
Go slowly with me now

I'm your music
(I am your music and I am your song)
I'm your song
(I am your music and I am your song)
Play me time and time again and make me strong
(Play me again 'cause you're making me strong)
Make me sing, make me sound
(You make me sing and you make me...)
Andante, Andante
Tread lightly on my ground
Andante, Andante
Oh please don't let me down

There's a shimmer in your eyes
Like the feeling of a thousand butterflies
Please don't talk, go on, play
Andante, Andante
And let me float away

I'm your music
(I am your music and I am your song)
I'm your song
(I am your music and I am your song)
Play me time and time again and make me strong
(Play me again 'cause you're making me strong)
Make me sing, make me sound
(You make me sing and you make me...)
Andante, Andante
Tread lightly on my ground
Andante, Andante
Oh please don't let me down

Make me sing, make me sound
(You make me sing and you make me...)
Andante, Andante
Tread lïghtly on my ground
Andante, Andante
Oh please don't let me down
Andante, Andante
Oh please don't let me down...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pancutkan Isteri

Pancutkan Isteri

Sejauh mana teknik untuk pancut isteri berkesan tidaklah diketahui melainkan ia dicuba sendiri. Dalam dunia seks barat memancutkan air mazi perempuan ketika klimak dipanggil "squirting". Dari mana datangnya pancutan air mazi ini masih menjadi debat umum dikalangan pakar perubatan dan pakar seksualiti.

Persoalannya? Adakah ia boleh dilakukan.

Jawapannya. Ya tetapi tidak semua wanita.

Dating Wanita Malaysia.

Tidak semua isteri boleh pancutkan air mazinya. Ia bergantung kepada banyak perkara, daripada segi biologi, kemampuan seksual dan pengetahuan tentang kehendak seks dirinya.

Jika jawapannya ya, jangan bayangkan ianya sebanyak air mani lelaki. Lempahan air yang keluar adalah lebih daripada biasa, isteri anda dapat sewaktu hubungan seks.

dan pengalaman penulis dalam memuaskan isteri. Telah mencuba pelbagai cara untuk pancutkan isteri. Urutan g-spot dan urutan jari dalam faraj telah menimbulkan kenikmatan yang tinggi seperti mana yang diceritakan dalam e-book Pancutkan Isteri. Malah isteri turut mengigil puas, terlalu puas. Sememang basah habis jari-jari dan luar faraj isteri. Seperti saya nyatakan sebelum ini, pancutkan isteri bergantung kepada bagaimana penerimaan dan pemahaman kita tentang kepuasan seks.

Rujuk gambar rajah diatas dimana perlu diurut dalam pencarian untuk pancutkan isteri.

Taman Wangi menekankan kepuasan seks yang bersandarkan kasih sayang dan cinta. Kita puaskan nafsu seks untuk hidupkan cinta dan kasih sayang. Bukan untuk gunakan kasih sayang dan cinta untuk kepuasan nafsu seks.

Penulis percaya kepada prinsip tidak terlalu kurang dan tidak terlalu lebih dalam hubungan seks. Seks suami isteri adalah penuh dengan penghormatan, pemahaman dan erti saling mengerti.

Untuk rujukan bagi yang mahu pancutkan isteri

Panduan memuaskan isteri dengan sentuhan G Spot

Melalui G-spot untuk pancutkan Isteri

G-spot isteri, untuk kepuasan seks dirinya

Female Orgasm Secrets

Female Ejaculation

Menentukan Isteri kuat seks supaya mudah untuk pancutkan isteri

Female Ejaculation Wikipedia

Carian Google

"squirting" dan "Orgasmic Expulsions of Fluid in the Sexually Stimulated Female ".

More about female "squirting"

Dibawah ini adalah terjemahan keterangan video kajian Pancutkan Isteri diatas.

Ini merupakan filem asal bagi kajian terdahulu pada “G Spot”

Menjelaskan tentang bendalir yang keluar melalui uretra wanita dan ia digambarkan oleh pembantu makmal (tidak diketahui asalnya) sebagai "air mani tanpa sperma”? Filem itu menggambarkan keadaan, menjelaskan tentang Gräfenberg Spot (merasakan melalui dinding anterior bagi vagina dan yang semasa dirangsang, kelihatan seperti mencetuskan kemuncak bagi sesetengah wanita), ia menunjukkan bagaimana bagi mencari Gräfenberg Spot, dan membincangkan tentang rasa malu yang dirasakan oleh sesetengah wanita yang mempercayai mereka kencing sepanjang kemuncak. Bendalir dikeluarkan dalam filem ini tidak dianalisa dan berada dalam kuantiti yang lebih besar daripada bendalir yang telah dianalisis dan mendapati secara statistik telah nyata sekali ianya berbeza daripada air kencing dalam komposisi kimia. Filem itu memeriksa keterangan awal bagi kewujudan, pada masa itu penggambaran filem, satu fungsi seksual belum sepenuhnya lagi dijelaskan fungsinya dan atau ciri anatomi.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage

You don't need to travel to Thailand to have erotic massage. You can do it by asking you girl friend or boyfriend, wife or husband to massage you in sexy ways.

Do you want to travel to Thailand for Erotic massage parlor. This sexy massage travel can also be found in Malaysia. Cheap and much more easier to access to Malaysia rather than exotic Thailand resort vacations.

You can search hotels in Malaysia from this blog

Another guide you can try for erotic massage taken from Youtube.

The Sex is Fun gang releases another great "how to" guide to pleasing your partner. Today we'll show you how to give a great hand massage. Hand sex has never been so much fun. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Posisi Seks Siri 3 Blog Taman Wangi

Posisi Seks Siri 3 Blog Taman Wangi

Sebelum ini posisi seks Taman Wangi siri 1

Hantar email ke [email protected] untuk menyertai senarai email terhad pelbagai tips dan nasihat seks untuk pasangan suami isteri atau terus ke link Taman Wangi

Posisi seks Blog Taman Wangi siri 3 adalah siri-siri posisi seks himpunan pelbagai posisi-posisi seks yang dikumpulkan untuk pengetahuan suami isteri. Ilmu ini adalah berguna untuk menimbulkan lagi rasa dan kesan bahagia yang berpanjangan dalam hubungan seks suami isteri agar tidak timbul kebosanan. Pelbagai artikel-artikel rumah tangga turut dikumpulkan di blog Taman Wangi yang boleh dilayari oleh pengguna Internet Malaysia.

Lagi Artikel Blog Taman Wangi di

Lagi siri posisi seks boleh didapati di

Posisi Seks Siri 1 Blog Taman Wangi Di

Lagi Posisi Seks Kama Sutra

Posisi Seks Blog Taman Wangi Siri 3

Taman Wangi Discussion

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